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Re: Change Back to .,, Senior Golfer

Bush gave every taxpayer $600 to get relected
Exon earns billions,pays no taxes,receives hundreds of millions of tax dollars
Most felons have lost their right to vote
The man that earned $5000 in one year pays tax on everything he buys but he did not get $600 from Bush
Republicans tell us the top ten percent pay 90% of all tax receipts
When Reagan came in the tax credit for my house, $580, was taken away.
When Clinton came in my taxes rose by $1080
It does not matter who is elected the result for the average american worker is the same.
I have never earned very much money by any standard but I have always had to pay taxes.
I may be wrong, but since over 5 million people like me are not working, the elected officials cant seem to find enough money for their wars and banksters. Maybe they figured wrong about the top 10%.
I am not on the public dole, but I am not willing to give up my rights to vote In this country because I do not meet you and Corals social standing.
It appears to me the lowest of the low are the only people willing to run for election. Their vote in congress goes to the highest bidder,no moral standards, no integrity, no honesty,no constitution. They are no better than the felon on the dole that cant vote.
Something has to change. It will probably not come anyones attention until after our republic is lost. Our elected officials at that time will tell us it is our fault because we are trailer trash.

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Re: Change Back to .,, Senior Golfer