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Re: Change Back to .,, Senior Golfer/ Len

Many people believe as you do, and it is your right to believe what you want.. I only suggest that although it is not a crime to believe as you it would serve you better to have the facts to back up your belief.

The result is a tax system that exempts almost half the country from paying for programs that benefit everyone, including national defense, public safety, infrastructure and education. It is a system in which the top 10 percent of earners -- households making an average of $366,400 in 2006 -- paid about 73 percent of the income taxes collected by the federal government.

The bottom 40 percent, on average, make a profit from the federal income tax, meaning they get more money in tax credits than they would otherwise owe in taxes. For those people, the government sends them a payment.

This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. The issue is the foundation of our Country, and how the majority of citizens that pay zero taxes, or very little control the vote that puts these politicians in office. I am not against those that do not pay taxes. My observation is that those that do not contribute to the financial strength of our Country still have the right as a citizen to enjoy the protection, and freedom provided under our Flag, including national defense, public safety, infrastructure and education. However if a person lacks the skill to run a business or earn income enough to pay taxes they should not have a say in who or how the Country is ran. I compare it to a Company, or a union that tell the executives how to run the company and set polices.

The current method of electing of Government officials is a vote of the Majority. My point is the majority of this Country contribute little to the stability, and growth of our Country, yet demand the most from our Government. The result is what we see in front of us now. A Country focused on entitlements, Nationalized banking, auto, health care, education, and a weakening of our defenses. Not good, but little chance of change.

You said: “It will probably not come anyone’s attention until after our republic is lost.”

It is already lost, and what is not lost is being taken. The job ahead is to get the Country back on track, but the majority does not want to be on track they just want free stuff. It is not Democratic or Republican, the politician is going to work for the “majority”, not the contributors. I believe it was a Democratic President that said, don’t ask what your Country can do for you, but what can you do for your country.

Len you also mentioned: “but I am not willing to give up my rights to vote In this country because I do not meet you and Corals social standing.” I am a little confused about this comment because I am not talking social standing only that to vote a person needs to contribute to the issues they are voting on. Have you ever read the story of the “Little Red Hen?” Click the Link provided below for the “Modern Version”.

The other issues, as it applies to commodities, and commodity trading, is how the policies of the Government impacts supply/ demand fundamentals. My comments may appear to be political when they are really intended to point to the direction of prices due to Government intervention.

Now rather than work, I play more golf… Wonder why?

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