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Re: Change Back to .,, Senior Golfer/ Len

Senior Golfer;
You are one of the best writers I have had the pleasure of reading. I only wish I could state my thoughts as clear as you do.
I all due respect I really do not disagree with your thoughts on most issues. But.

I as a citizen I have been given the right to vote.
You can say what you want, but I will not give up that right. The only qualification I need, is to be a citizen in good standing.

I will not let anyone trampel that right.
It is nobodys busines what my tax return reads.
It is nobodys busines if I am on the dole or a billionair.

You say "The current method of electing of Goverment officials is a vote of the Majority. My point is the majority of this country contribute little to the stability , and growth of our country,"

The very fact the majority can vote and do vote is the stability of this country.
When they cannot vote they are second class citizens and as such have no rights.

You say "To vote a person needs to contribute to the issues they are voting on."

The vote they cast is their contribution to the issue.

Although I am poor by most standards I have never cast vote because an elected official would give me money or put me on the dole. When I was farming, when I made a profit, I payed taxes,when I had a losing year I got money back. I did not make the rules. I played honestly and by the rules. I had a custon farm business when I was in the tenth grade that I was taxed on, I was too young to vote but old enough to pay taxes. All the other jobs I had I had to pay income taxes even though I was in the bottom 40%
I thought those income taxes were a contribution, not enough I guess.
As a poor person ,like many others, I got caught In the draft spent two years in the service. As a low income person I thought that was a contribution to the country,but I guess I was wrong there, income too low.

As you can see by the standards you and Coral have set I certainly do not deserve a vote.
As the great Arlin Specter said "trailer trash"

Now that you and Coral have decided $5000 = 1 vote how many votes will Rockefeller have to set up his one world goverment.
How many votes will communist Sean Penn and Hollywood have to contribute to this effort? I think they have you out gunned here.

Sorry I cant help you and Coral here I dont enough for a vote.

Your country would be gone before the first vote was counted.

I think it best, if you leave my rights alone, and concentrate on something constructive.

I might suggest you attempt to change the tax code.
Reenact the Glass Stegal act
Repeal the health care bill
Bring our troops home
Stop any US company that does not pay US minimum wage to its employes in a foreign contry from selling it goods here.
Abolish the Department of Energy
Secure our borders
Abolish all HMOs
Abolish the Fed Reserve and coin your own currency
Stop the corporate lobbiests in Washington
Make all congressmen and senators that do not show up to vote on a act of war be there on the frontline until the war is ended no matter thier age condition,their rank below private no advancement ever.
If they complain, include there sons and daughters,no matter their age or condition.
Stop the wars.
No unfunded mandates
Did I mention stop the wars?

As you see Senior Golfer there is a lot you can do besides dividing our country into the haves and have nots.
I feel my vote is as important as yours,Corals, Rockefellers,the welfare recipent and any other eligable voter.
As you know, taxes are volintary, you can stop paying anytime you chose. That might be a cause you could lead, that would solve all of Washingtons problems.

You can have an impact, always remember there are brave people that stand up from time to time. One brave man stood up a threw his shoes at the fool I voted for and said "This is for the women and children you killed you dog" There are not many but there are some out there.

Senior I wish you the best.

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