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Re: Change Back to .,, Senior Golfer/ Len

First of all I need to thank you for the kind comments about my writing skill although I don’t agree. I am still flattered. There are so many others with a better skill in communication than me. Where I can challenge others is in the area of cognitive reasoning. Not to be confused with high level of academia, but cognitive reasoning. I was tested, and scored very high. Following the test I was asked how it made me feel to have scored so high, and my answer was no different than before the test. I was given the test to see how my cognitive reasoning may have been impact by PTSD (related to my military service). I told them I was pissed because I could have scored higher than the top 5% if it was not for the PTSD.

Cognitive reasoning: “The study of social cognition focuses on how people think about and make sense of themselves, others, and the world of social affairs. This cognitive approach highlights the active role that people play in organizing, interpreting, and "constructing" the social world within which they live and interact. Conceptual structures or schemas—internalized knowledge or information—are assumed to play a central role. These structures, derived from previous experiences, are the basis for mental representations (re-presenting objects and events not physically present), and they serve as a frame of reference for interpreting, storing, processing, and using information and experiences. The development of well-differentiated and integrated cognitive structures enables people to select, process, and use social information in a relatively efficient, automatic fashion.”

Good thing to have if you trade something like commodities.

So by the definition you can tell I am not highly intelligent only that I process information a little differently.

Now back to your response I appreciate your interest in this area, and feel you communicated your position very well. This allows for good discussion.. Granted there is not a right or wrong only opinion. To respond will take some time (meaning a lot of BS). So I will post my response to your points on a small webpage, and to those, other than you, that may be interested can follow along without burning up the bandwidth of this forum, and distracting from the commodity side of this discussion. For me my original comments were to point out the impact of the current administration policies on commodity prices going forward.

I am glad to continue the dialog because you seem genuinely interested in an exchange of thoughts.

To be Continued………….

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Re: Change Back to .,, Senior Golfer/ Len