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Re: Market Pick 2 / 14/all - Wayne

You may have the wrong forum then?
You may need to find some of those scam types forums with the hot picks and posters that what to make a name for themselves and ones that sell some type of service. You know the ones who mainly just want recognition! I don't believe any poster here posts to be recognized, congradulated or put down for a post they made. You need to maybe find a scam type picks type site for that. Most of them want to be mainly recognized and congradulated for posting.
A person here may post because they want to or have info that they think may help some. But, to be recognized or congradulated? LOL! ;)
There are probably many sells-scam site for that.

Thsi site was better from the 90's up untill maybe 2 years ago. It has gone to nothing since about 4 posters took over and ran others away?
Maybe they do want to be recognized? ;(

Also maybe just general talk would be better than exact trades? I know I don't care about someones exact trades. But general talk is good to read at times.

But from what it seems you may be saying?
I do think that the stuff like?
This may or may not be a double top or bottom?
This rsistance or support, may or may not hold?
This trend line may or may not hold?
We may or may not make new highs or lows?
This may be overbought - oversold?
And so on. The dime a dozen, every trading site in the world has type stuff? May be mostly a waste for traders to read.
BUT great for people to learn some stuff from!

So I would say that a forum like this and most forums NEEDS those types of posts.

But as I said. The exact trade type stuff?
Maybe find a hot-picks or this is how to trade? chat-scam type setup?

One other thing I read in one of your posts that I didn't quite understand?
Selling tops? Buying bottoms?

By deffinition, that would lose 100% of the time? Did I read it wrong or did you miss-print?

Good day to you,

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Re: Market Pick 2 / 14/all - Wayne