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Re: Trump types/rabbit/Lee

I was referring to at least one Casino some time ago and he bailed on his shares and then came back as a manager and more than once the shares plunged and I recall he had worked things out that he walked away ok while shareholders lost big time. But as I said that is the way wheeler dealers write agreements up. One can say that is a great businessman and be correct but these types 'avoid' taking their lumps with shrewed agreements. That type of business practice has never impressed me. I've seen so many like that walk away unscathed and off load the financial problem onto others. Perhaps I'm be too moralistic but I wouldn't get involved with those types. I have personally known many that operate like that rip off the average contractor in construction to extreme and walk away with all the chips. Luckily I avoided those types that had the big projects and big bucks but didn't pay their bills. I've seen many small contractors go broke and lose everything because of them. I never worked for this type at any price regardless of their high offers that looked attractive. And they always do enough good to get positive press but one has to ask who's money they took to give to charities and other good deeds. Often it wasn't theirs to give so didn't cost them anything and even got a tax deduction for it. So I don't care for his type at all as I've just seen too many people financially destroyed by them. But regardless as I said there are too many cooks in the kitchen and the U.S. especially is over governed and even a president can't do much without congress's approval plus the senate's final approva. Fat chance of getting that for much of anyting. Trump is wise enough to know this and has more power now than any president could even hope to have. He won't take the job even if it was offered to him on a Silver platter. He has more power and money without that close scrutiny as well and can do as he pleases.

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