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Re: Dr. Marty NTR/Silverbear
In Response To: Re: Dr. Marty NTR/Silverbear ()

Well I can't afford to answer questions all day long that no one wants to hear in the 1st place. I keep saying the xxxxxxx market is a bear and in trouble for months now and everyone just wants to buy something. No point in it. They will likely get sucked into this rally dead ahead here and load the boat too right at the rally high. I'm not doing anyone any favors. And the 'belle of the ball' posts about prices 'FLUCTUATING" from the mid point to some vague wavy line above and below is pathetic. Hard to believe people keep reading that crap. Add to that a fairy tale story with each 'fluctuation' in price and it's enough to make a technical person throw up. I can only be exposed to so much b.s. and just can't stand it any more. It's just the wrong place at the wrong time focusing on the wrong things in the wrong way with the wrong person posting the most wrong b.s. They call it "Talking the Talk".

P.S. prepare yourself for some drama on the SPX as it is dying to go crazy at this point. You definitely don't want to be on the wrong side of it when it blows. It is presently more oversold than in March/09 with everyone loaded up with puts. And we know what happens then don't we. I think TNA might be better than TZA soon enough. It should rally back to SPX 1250 -1270 on the bounce back. After that I'd leave the party. Just a thought.....no guarantee.