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Re: In the light of MF Global.../Gian

Hi Gian,
I don't want you to think that I am making light of your concerns. But maybe worrying a bit too much too early, not that it is a bad idea to look into, understand and investigate alternatives.

You had posted your interests, account size, goals some time ago when Doc responded that he would not have posted that much info ..... That is Doc's opinion. I haven't had time to devote to that subject but I keep my account small for a number of reasons that I am more than willing to get into later but it has nothing to do with concerns about things like MF Global.

If events like MF Global propagate it is not going to matter much where your money is !!!

Suggest keeping a "cool head" , pay attention to the issues as they develop and keep plugging along.

My broker, Ox, does their own clearing, so I guess I am at risk as with any clearing house. But Ox has been so "impeccable" in all respects that I don't know where else I would turn ??? Buy Gold, Silver and bury it in the sand !!! ???

Then what ....??? If/when the world's economic system melts down what are you going to do with that shiny stuff ??? There are how many billion people on this earth and not all that many have that "shiny stuff" so even if it is even worth anything for barter trade you have likely signed a death sentence when it becomes known that you have it because someone bigger than you are will come and take it away from you. So, the whole issue kind of becomes moot.

Think about it. With the billions of people and no economic system to provide for the production and movement of food and necessities to the masses chaos will develop.

So we return to the days of the "wild, wild west" !!!! I seriously doubt it.

I know there was a bit of humor tossed into the end of this, but think about it !!!