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Re: TD Ameritrade CPU Spike #1/Mike Ritchie/All
In Response To: Re: TD Ameritrade CPU Spike ()

Hi All, [Mike, Spike, limitup, donmat, others ...]

Mike: I was about to post this when your post came in.
Will post it now as it should help others in the short term. It is a quick, "short term" PITA fix.

This applies to FIREFOX FOR SURE.

Open/load Firefox:
To "see this work" proceed as follows - you should have low/normal CPU usage at this point.
- Why ? Because you have started Firefox fresh and the offensive plugin is not running.

Now: [you will be opening your first Firefox tab:

On the Menu bar [File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help :
- Select Tools (click on Tools)
- In the drop down list - Select Add-ons

The left hand column should have Plugins selected.
The right hand table/list has all of your "plugins" listed, each with a button containing either [enable or disable ]. Look for the Shockwave Flash entry (mine is near or at bottom of list).

If the button says Enable you should not have been having the problem, the plug in is "disabled".
If the button says Disable then "click it" - it will change to Enable but the plugin is now disabled.

In either case your CPU usage should have been low/normal as you gave it a fresh start.
Now Open a new (second) tab and go to TFC Forum.
- Your CPU usage may spike up for a few seconds while things load then ....
- Your CPU usage should remain low/normal.
- You should not see the TD Ad.

Now, you should able to use the Forum "normally" without problem ....

BUTTTT, you will get an error message if you try to view a Video link - You tube, or a Bloomberg video for example.

To proceed here and view the video, you have to select the Add-ons Manager tab (still there) and
click on the Shockwave Flash button that now says "Enable" to allow the plugin to view the video. The button text will change to "Disable" here.
- You then select the tab containing the video page (often a new tab has opened) and "Reload" that page (containing the video). The video should now Run OK.

Your CPU usage may jump up/max out while viewing the video, but works ok for me.

When you close the tab containing the video, Select the Add-ons Manager tab and disable the Shockwave Flash plug in. Click on the button now saying "Disable" to disable the plug in.

This sounds "messy" but once you have done it a couple of times it is quick and simple.

When using the TFC Forum, I have the Forum in one tab, and the Add-ons Manager in another and just switch back and forth.

Keeping the plugin disabled while using the Forum, the Forum works "normally" for me.

It is only the TD Ameritrade Ad with the "Start Now" button at the end that triggers this. You then must disable the plugin to get out of it.

You should see your CPU usage drop right off

Hope this helps for the short term.
Let me know, I hope I haven't twisted a statement in this.