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Re: Presidential Election/Intrade Trading/rabbit *PIC*

I hear about the brutal weather in many U.S. states and it makes me realize I've got nothing to bitch about in Southern B.C. Canada. We are often pissed off with a lot of cloudy or rainy days and the odd wind storm that takes down a few trees. Or the odd snowfall in the winter and think we are hard done by as it's much cooler here than southern California. And of course the news media has to constantly talk about the big earthquake that will hit us every 200 to 500 years. Any day now they say. Gotta have something to say I guess or they wouldn't exist. Not much to bitch about I guess but people do like to bitch anyways. Been a cool spring so far here but that's about all there is to complain about weather wise. And as far as security guard types they are always focused and suspicious. Much of my family was military and my father and brother and a few other relatives were Mounties which are federal police. Not warm and fuzzy types but are necessary to keep a society in line. Makes you realize how you can create any type of mindset you wish with enough training. But all these leaders come and go and are replaceable along with their administrations. The one thing I've always noticed is how much TV time a U.S. President takes up. Much like some kind of dictator or rock star. In Canada our Prime Minister wouldn't dare be on TV shooting his mouth off every day of the week with a host of reporters reporting every word or else his own supporters across the country would toss him from office. We expect him and his staff to put their nose to the grind and get the job done. Not prance in front of the camera every day talking the talk. Very different attitude when it comes to our leaders. Grandstanding and arrogance isn't tolerated much here as a rule. We don't idealize our leaders. They are only temporary elected officials nothing more. Every government has an administration and the top people are there to make announcements and changes etc to the press. Not the leader himself as a rule. Don't know how you put up with the grandstanding all the time. You have to ask the question "Who made him God",lol........

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