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Re: Intrade/Presidential Election/Randolf *PIC*

Well being North of the problem is a good problem to have 'presently'. The Liberal party here was decimated at the last election in Canada and for the 1st time in history lost its status as one of the two major parties that typically made up the Federal government or was the official opposition. Much like Republicans and Democrats. It has been replaced buy ultra left wing wackos that make the Liberals look right wing. So the party that took the place of the Liberals are far more left wing than the Liberals ever were. Sooooooooooo this means "IF" the present Conservative government here loses power in the next election which is about 3 years away this ultra left wing official opposition party could very well form the next government here. And if that happens you will see the Canadian dollar plunge, major corporations and mining companies etc taxed to extremes, union membership soar and just about every other left wing policy every imagined implemented. In other words a complete 180 degree reversal of what we presently have. And their popularity presently is at the same percentage place as the Conservatives. And like the Republicans in the U.S. have nothing to lose promising the Holy Grail in the future 'when' elected. The main reason the Conservatives won the election here was the split in votes between the Liberals and the ultra left NDP party. That's what happens when you have more than a two party run off system. So I have 3 years of bliss until the boogieman comes and destroys this country. So you have little to worry about as far as some mild right wing President and his administration goes. Then again with a Republican controlled House and Senate Romney would have the same power Obama had in his 1st 2 years in office. If that scares you then it should,lol....................