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Re: Intrade/Presidential Election/Randolf

Well I'm retired now and don't give a crap about most things. I get by just fine and do what I wish everyday. Not getting any younger but dont seem to have any issues that I can't handle...so far. BY the way Vancouver is in B.C. on the far S.West Coast. It is rated 1st or 2nd best place in the world to live most years in major international surveys. I'm just off of there on Vancouver Island. Nice to have a body of water between myself and the rest of the world. And anyone in Vancouver would much rather live on the Island but there aren't the same opportunities etc here and travel on and off the Island can be expensive especially for manufactures etc. The average house price here is around 500k and higher so bring lots of cash. You might even get a Medical Card for your health care at some point as well. But that has issues too and seeing a specialist here can take time so keep your own health care card from the U.S. if you can afford to if the service there quick and efficient. What state you are in? I suspect a northern one as you don't seem to be a 'good ol' boy',lol........You can't just buy a gun here without a lot of training,study,tests and a very clean record. And you can't ever carry it around other than to and from an approved range unless its a hunting rifle. And they have restrictions as well. What always blows me away is the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Higher than China,Russia or any other country per 100k people. Watching the news I'll see someone got 10yrs in jail in the U.S. for some minor crime and here in Canada they would get a few months or a conditional discharge. And even then if given a couple of years they'd only have to serve 1/3 of their sentence and could apply for parole. They did a major multi year study years ago and found putting people in prison only made them better criminals and did not rehabilitate them. This does not help society but harms it ultimately. The really bad ones they can keep much longer but the average person guilty of a crime would be better off not being in jail for a long time in order to be rehabbed. I'd be worried about even staying in the U.S. for any length of time with stats like that. Now that is what's scary.............................