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Re: turning boo boo
In Response To: turning boo boo *PIC* ()

Wanna know what's keepin' me busy after work hours in Dutch lately last 3 wks?

Well, they moved Mon night Karaoke to Fri nights and asked me to help kick it off, cos the DJ guy doesn't sing.

So I sang 2 Fri's in a row..got some of the patrons to sing as well, so it lasted about 3 hrs total each time.

Then on Sun evenings I play my guitar instrumentals on a loop pedal at Cape Cheerful at the hotel side.

So, they said , why not bring your guitar on Fri nights at Harbor View Bar n Grill and sing songs while U play along with the guitar?

Light bulbs went on..so I said..sure, I'll try it.

That made me rehearse some Journey songs, Prince -Purple Rain, and Wish U were here by Pink FLoyd for last Fri.

I sang and played the very 1st song, then the 2nd singer up..didn't know what he chose to sing until it showed up on screen. Some funky type RnB song,

I decided to play guitar leads along with his singing. Singer liked it, gave thumbs up..next singer requested that I play along ..ok, it's a challenge right, no idea

what song..boom! Improvised and nailed some melodies to her song..she luv'd it too, said she felt like the lead singer in a band!

Then I sang my songs in rotation to other people who also wanted me to play along.. 3 hrs plus it went from 7.30 until 11pm.


So, I ordered a new Fender amp - no tubes..I've decided to go with modern digital amps with effects and amp models built in !!

Got on AMZN, saw the Fender Mustang LT 25 watt, read reviews..bought it. Less than 160 buckeroos!! Unreal price !

Went on Utube, saw one demo review by Dawson Music..no regrets!! What an incredible amp for the price. Easy to carry around.

Looks like I'll be rockin every Friday night from now on unless work calls for emergency stuff, or I'm on vacation.