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Re: turning boo boo
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Very interesting story.

"As for a full time thing, it's too tough to make a living at this."

I have a nephew who, up until he met this new girl, was the "singer" in some kind of band...death metal...devil screaming music, I called it. It was horrible stuff and I never could understand what he was screaming...not a word! He/they got pretty good by whatever standard one uses to judge that horrid stuff. I guess if he could scream that loud for that long without a his head exploding...he was good.

Anyway, when he first announced that this was his path to stardom/fame/and riches, I told him that making it in the music biz was one hard assed row to hoe. Thank the good lord he has run into this new woman!

"For me, Music has to do only one thing- evoke emotions from the human ear and "heart" from the sound one makes." That's what music is to me as well. I never could tell you who was singing or playing what. I never had a favorite genre...if I liked it I liked it. I'd have to say though, that I hear more from rock than country that I like. It is amazing how one can hear a song and it yanks you back to a moment when you first heard it or were experiencing something emotional when it came on or whatever.

That's what I never could understand about the nephews devil music...what kind of emotions is he trying to illicit. Was he trying to take people back another time in their lives when they were spending time in hell torturing the devil and the devil was screaming out for mercy?

I do not know. ROFLMAO!

It's good to hear that you have a passion that you follow.