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Gsh dang peeps...

Are ya'll still alive out there? Injured? Ill? Cat got your tongue? Cat got your danglers? Hanging upside down from a stump by your... 😂

I haven't flown in 35 years. I took flying lessons 40 years ago. Decided not to continue with that because I never could overcome the thought that if the plane breaks down I can pull over, get out, and fix it. The pilot and I were coming in for first and last landing. He was telling me what to do and I just obeyed. Give it 30% flaps and slow the engine a 1/4...on and on until he said now cit the throttle all the way back. I said..."you can go to hell". Haha. But, I did. we landed, upright and in the middle of the runway. I was a good monkey in following instructions.

Anyway, have been spending a large amount of time organizing and lining out trip to Oregon to see the Second Wife. Leave Nashville, pick up other Second WIfe in Denver CO, land Eugene OR, get car, go to Bandon OR. settle in rented house on the beach. All set up from the computer. Never spoke to a human other than the Second Wife and the other Second Wife. It took some doing but compared to trying to do something like that 35 years ago, or even 20 years ago...piece of cake.

The net has become quite the remarkable tool. I was able to view a multitudinous amount of flights, cars, and houses.

Pick this, pick that, squeeze this in there...right down to the place I'm stopping on the way in to pick up, what I've been told are the best in the world, doughnuts as requested by the Second Wife.

Most impressive this internet thing.