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March nine buck beans and other chit... *PIC*

There's an interesting phenomenon concerning numbers as discussed by Gann. His thing was to divide the circle by 3 and 4 to devine critical points in the geometry of the circle that controls all things cyclical and since all things are cyclical it controls all things. There's nothing new under the sun, he would quote more or less from the bible. The older I get the more that looks to be a truism especially when it comes to human nature...

Anyway...to the numbers...if you divide the circle by three you get 120, 240, 360. If you divide 120 by two and two again and again...you get 60, 30, 15, 7.5...

Divide the circle by four you get 90, 180, 270, 360. Divide 90 by two and two again and again...you get 45, 22.5, 11.25, 5.625...

Gann also proposes that if a thing starts off from a square number(circle divided by four) it will work itself out to the square numbers and trines to trines.

If you pay attention vs just thinking when you see the latitude lines on my charts...there goes that crazy Wayne and his latitude lines...sometimes I'll use 30, 60, 90 and their divisions....sometimes the trines 11.25, 22.5, 45...

It depends on where the base of a move start on the long term chart. If price bases off 11.25, 112.5...I'll pull the square latitude lines. If it based off 30 or 300 or some other square number...I'll pull the latitude lines off the trines.

To get an interesting look at how these numbers interact with one another...use both the trines and squares.

You'll see that certain of the trines and squares come together and share both aspects...square and trine. 90, 900...is one of those...90 is both square and trine.

I painted the nine line on the march beans magenta just to show it belongs in both worlds. The blue lines are the trines...the red ones square.

The lines...red and blue...the difference between the blue and red lines...decreases as they approach the nine...they come together at nine as it occupies both worlds and then they get further apart as they get further away from nine. Giving a compression and decompression type of effect...for lack of a better description.

Theory suggest the universe expands and then contracts over great periods of time. From a singularity of matter to an expansion(big bang) of matter. Sometime in the great off future the matter will compress again into a singularity. All things within this environment must follow suit just as the apple falling from the tree was an observed microcosm of the greater/greatest environment. This compression and expansion of the odd and even numbers is just a microcosm of the greater environment.

Spike...your uptrend line is very close to the measured light blue uptrend line that measure price up one and over two in time. Price up 30 in 60 days. It is 1/2 the 1x1...

We'll leave this up here and see, should price come to them, which price reacts to the best...the measured true 1 by 2 or the actual(your line).

Just for fun.