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Re: dang hoax
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yea...there's a difference between being stupid and being ignorant. A stupid person is incapable, by no fault of their own, of learning. Being ignorant is when an otherwise intelligent soul just doesn't know something. Everybody, by the fact that nobody can know everything, is ignorant of something.

Ignorance is further broken down into at least two groups...people who are ignorant because no one can know everything and those who choose to be ignorant.

I can tolerate ignorance because I am ignorant of many things. What I can not tolerate are those who choose to be ignorant for the sake of remaining ignorant.

Those are the ones who believe ignorance is bliss and refuse to learn. They refuse to learn because they are mentally lazy and because it may require them to change their minds and believe a truth other than what they want to believe. These people are the worst of the ignorant and may venture into the realm of stupidity.

Our friends MoJo and Facts are ignorant by choice and will forever remain ignorant.

There are 182 dead in Tennessee. TN has a population of appx 6.8 million. The death rate as a percentage is 23 one thousandths of one percent. Yet we were closed down. Why? Because the ignorant refuse to believe in the math and go about trying to spread their lies of a Chicom virus-19 of 3-4%. Show them the math to no avail...ignorant they will insist on being. Either that or they are using this as a political weapon for which, in my book, they should be tried for treason and shot in the face with a flacid donkey penis.