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Ha...I have always done my own thing when it comes to work and making money. Started three relatively successful small businesses in my day. I finally got a job at age 63! One of my Nephs does books for an engineering concern and he said they were in need/want of some part time old school to mix in with the punks. I thought about it for a while and decided to accept. 35 bucks an hour 1099...aint great but whatever...thought it might be fun to mix with some peeps for a change. It's been 15 years since I went into hibernation.

Well...most of the peeps were cool. Even got to do a shootfest with 6 or 7 of those young punks. That was a good time, especially considering they brought way better guns to the party than I thought they would possess.

But...man...the organization was screwed up! Witnessed building/repair protocol I never would have accepted in my day. Brought this to the attention of "the man"...no recourse...just blew it off. Witnessed what I thought was a breech of common decency protocol by having a phone call with a subcontractor and not warning him there were others on the line via a zoom call. Man that felt sleazy.

Then they wanted me to do other things and other things and the next thing you know it's looking like a full time job which was explicitly agreed would not be the case. If I'm going to do something full time, I'm going to make a damn sight better than 35 bucks an hour...especially when its 1099 money.

Hell, 15 years ago and back...when I was running a small crew of men doing remodeling I was charging 45 dollars per man hour and paying the help $25...when I was running a three man crew that was $105 an hour to me and I felt short changed at that!

It started taking up all my time because I just can't not give 100%...stress built up...not something I want or need at this ripe old age.

I lasted 3 months...tendered my resignation last Tuesday. Retired for the second time in my lifetime. 🤣🤣

That's why I've not been in here a lot.

Glad y'all were holding down the fort in my absence.