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Re: Keystone Pipeline Rejected!/Lee/Trades

Hi Trades,
Thanks, ...
I was about to post some of this when your post came along ....

My last post on Keystone had a short video in it showing trucking oil to a pipe line connection.
This comment of yours answers my question.
"Oddly enough there is already a pipeline from that area to the West Coast that was built several decades ago"

Sounds like "new and potential development" far exceeds the existing infrastructure.

It fails my imagination as to why this fight goes on continuously with the Greenies !!! They should be filling my gas tank !!!

Correct me here !!! The battle over building the Alaska pipeline probably cost half of what the actual pipe line cost, delayed it by a factor of 2 and HAS NOT BEEN A PROBLEM SINCE COMPLETED. Maybe a couple of minor issues that were quickly corrected but nothing significant that I can recall. And that environment, terrain was a lot more challenging than coming south that 1700 miles through the flat lands of the US !!!

The Gov't forced BP to set aside 20 bil. for that oil spill in the Gulf. Maybe what we need is a similar "up front set aside" for a pipe line project. Invest it, and return the proceeds to the builders/operators every year it operates without incident !!! The "Endless delays" and "Feeding the Greenies" costs a lot more than the project itself and would probably make a substantial "insurance policy" dirt cheap in the end !!!!

Then we don't need those Gov't Aholes on our taxpayer payroll that sit back and say that 60 days isn't enough time to review a project !!!! Fire them all and put the money in that "insurance fund" !!!!

Maybe Rabbit would like the job of making sure the money doesn't go to an MF Global !!!!
BTW: Both MFG and Corzine seem to have gone off the screen/disappeared from sight !!!

My 2 cents,