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Re: Ng Holding 2.8 /Lee *PIC*
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I don't have any exciting "stories" to tell you Lee. All I can say is "Resistance is Resistance". That doesn't b.s. you very often. Each area of resistance has a different strength but you can see the signficance of this resistance level. It is the major one year downtrendline PLUS the top of this "W" pattern where the double bottom 'test' held and now the top of this pattern is being tested. So not just your day to day resistance pt that can be cleared on one or two attempts. Breaking over this area is technically very bullish. So the same analysis is intact with price needing to clear 2.91 AND HOLD above this price pt. Then even if price remains in a tight channel between 2.91 and 3.15 resistance this would be a bullish pattern suggesting a breakout and run up to higher levels such as the Fib 38.2% or even 50% retracement of the entire one year downtrend and still be in a bear market. This type of price action hasn't occurred for a very long time so wouldn't be out of the question to have a rally like this on some b.s. story. All markets do this from time to time without changing their bear market status. So far only a nose poke' above this resistance has occurred that didn't last long before it got its head blown off. But that sacrifice attempt did clear away a lot of short sales as they frantically covered and that will also spook other potential shorts from putting on short positions at this level. I don't get into all the fundamentals as they change daily and each individual fundamental is relative. You change just one fundamental somewhat and you have a different outcome in very short order. Just ask a cook what happens when you change something in a recipe and they'll tell you it just might not be edible when done. That is why I don't get caught up in fundamentals. Too many ingredients to quantify and each one is relative to an outcome. A coin flip would have better odds.
P.S. If you want a fundamental I have read that if Nat Gas clears three bucks many industries will promptly switch back to Coal that are presently using Nat Gas. So the story goes in any case. If true to any extent you could see large players exit Nat Gas when three bucks is tagged each time. BUTTTTTTTTTTT this shows up in the chart without knowing this fundamental doesn't it now,surprise,surprise..........................................

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