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Re: Ng Holding 2.8 /Trades
In Response To: Re: Ng Holding 2.8 /Lee *PIC* ()

Hi Trades,
Thanks for the chart comments.

I hope we are on the same page on most of this.
Your comment:
"I don't have any exciting "stories" to tell you Lee."
I am not looking for anything at all, beyond continuing to learn and understand the Ng market.

This is a HUGE and complicated market. Of them all, it will be driven by "necessity", not corporate whim (as in a stock).
Crude differs in many ways. But in short, production is still beyond our reach/control, consumption can change by legislation or automotive innovation.

But Ng is simply CH4, it isn't going to change. Nothing more than a Cow fart !!!! But we need it and need to use it. It releases so many BTU's per cubic foot when burned and that isn't going to change. What will change is what we use it for.

These changes will increase demand over time and this market will continue to grow
On Your Comment:
"P.S. If you want a fundamental I have read that if Nat Gas clears three bucks many industries will promptly switch back to Coal that are presently using Nat Gas. So the story goes in any case. If true to any extent you could see large players exit Nat Gas when three bucks is tagged each time. BUTTTTTTTTTTT this shows up in the chart without knowing this fundamental doesn't it now,surprise,surprise....."

Coal switch started in earnest some time ago, both on Ng/Coal pricing AND on regulatory requirements to upgrade coal burning plants. Most of the switch is pretty well identified thru 2025. Short term toggling on price will likely occur at the 2.8 - 3+ level but I don't think there is really much left. The coal plants that were "off line" are coming back up to support the "baseload requirements" of maintaining a stable grid. The Ng fired Peakers carried that load through the spring but now with the quite variable summer loads the peaking functionality is a necessity.

So, no argument, it eventually shows up in the chart. And quite frankly, (as is well known with most markets) there are too many fundamental issues/variables for anyone to really keep track of/analyze.

There are a few though, that if properly understood can be a good "heads up" as to what may be coming.

Where that "next bar" on the daily chart might be headed !!!

I have said this many times before ... You are FAR better at charting and analysis than I. I try to contribute by keeping an eye on some of the more important fundamental issues.

Thanks, Lee