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Here is a chart of Nat Gas compared to Coal (Ratio chart). Good to see how they relate to each other and if one is gaining strength over the other. The chart looks much like the Nat Gas chart but you can see NG is gaining on Coal and at a resistance point as we discussed. It is a good chart to watch for change as a ratio chart often breaks out long before the actual commodity you are tracking does. The techncials are weak right now with a negative divergence showing on this chart meaning NG is not as strong as the mid May high its trying to clear. But the Modified MACD has crossed above the 50 line in early May and stayed there and curling up with a smile which is long term positive. Just something to watch.

As far a Quebec goes I would not shed a tear to see it slip into the ocean and disappear.They are a square peg in a round hole and will never really get along with anybody. Just like the spoiled child that constantly disrupts the family that is constantly compromising to accommodate it. Can't get rid of them either. BUTTTTTTTTTTT there is hope. The Provincial government there (think state) is Liberal and unpopular and the separatist party (Party Quebecois) is likely to beat them in the next election soon. Sooooooooooo the separatist issue will be back on the table once again. Add to that the Federal Conservative government of Canada is not too popular now ( why only a psychiatrist would know) And the Liberals are no longer the 2nd party that gets support for the 1st time in history. So the party now that is the official opposition is the very left wing New Democratic Party (NDP). They are tied in popularity with the present Federal Conservatives. "IF" in the next Federal Election in 3 years the NDP win it will be the 1st time in Canadian history that an ultra left wing party has formed the Federal government here. Add to that a left wing "separatist" provincial government in Quebec and all hell will break loose here. And they are not U.S. friendly either. Think Oil and other exports. Notice all over the world societies are electing left leaning governments. France just did and you'll see more of this as people want assurances of retirement benefits,job benefits and other stable guarantees. They feel the only winners have been the hot shot business people. You know the 1% types. The Canadian economy is one of the best in the world so I have no freaking idea what the hell is wrong with everyone,lol......... But I am ready for most anything in any case. Bring it on.........................

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