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Re: Sept Nat Gas/ ***Stargazer Great Call! /g

Hi g,
This is your post in it's entirety:
Stargazer. I know you made a call some time last year but the market did not go your way at first and we all bashed you, till this day, some people still bringing that trade up. I hope those people have the balls to come forward and acknowledge this call.....hmmm Nope they wouldn't do such a thing, acknowledging your call will be like, pointing people's attention to you and away from them, ...-- yep, it's called insecurity LOL.

Stargazer. .Great call, congrats!!!!!
I have given your post a fair amount of thought.

Now g, I would respectfully request some expansion on your post/thoughts:

Just WHO are the WE in the "we all bashed you comment", I can't find them.

First, all posts are available back to Dec. 2010.
Second, you can find ALL OF MINE by searching for "Lee" (make sure you include the full date range) - you will get them ALL.
Then do an "in page 'find' on the displayed page for "stargazer, star will do". The "how" depends on your browser, but all can do that function.

You can examine my posts to Stargazer and it will BE VERY CLEAR that I never "bashed him".
You can do a similar action for any other poster that you may have in mind.

I had an exchange with Stargazer last year when he was very upset with himself and tried to offer encouragement.
He also knows full well that I do not react well to short comments, nor to I react well to comments that "all things Ng are due to the weather alone". That has been clear for a long time.

Now the use of "WE" in the above must have included yourself, but to try to find it is nigh impossible since a search for "g" turns up half the forum posts as you are well aware. So maybe provide a link to where you bashed Stargazer, might shed some light on what you consider "bashing".

With the rise in Ng Price in that time frame it should be clear that a pull back of some magnitude was coming.

So, I don't view a statment:
I will sell into strength Sun. night or Monday as a CALL, as it carries little information beyond stating an intention. It carries little or no information for one to look into and make their own decisions.
So, after continuing up for 3 or 4 more days Ng did pull back. You can work out the draw down before from what ever entry point you want to assume.

So, I think your post should be clarified. I cannot identify anyone that bashed Stargazer and I think Ng did its pull back and has recovered much of that ground as of this writing.

Anyway, please clarify. I for one, would not have shorted Ng based on Stargazer's post.

Stargazer mentioned 2009, and yes there were some strong posts back then and unfortunately those are no longer available.

To Stargazer:
The more you explain, the more you will be listened to. I have said it before.
Thanks, Lee