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Re: Watch the NYC area ../Wayne/icd

Hi icd,
I think I mentioned the "Carter era" when I posted that. Problem was, Carter put in the odd/even which just evened out the huge lines but He did nothing to "solve the problem" !!!!!

This will blow over pretty soon, I'm sure.

I was lucky in that '70's mess. I had for a long time dealt with an oriental guy (bright) near by. What he did, was never open to "sell gas", just continued with his "repair work". The gas deliveries weren't that large anyway at the time.

SOOOO, he hired a high school/college student and the system became ... You call in, his employee would come and pick up your car, fill it up, and bring it back. For that there was a $5 charge, plus the gas, and if you were smart, you included a decent TIP for the driver/student !!!! Payment was by credit card, which he had on file. I NEVER sat in a line to buy gas !!!! All it took was planning a few days ahead !!!!

What I also recall on that '70's mess was that it was basically nation wide although they managed to move the shortage around a bit regionally but that didn't help much other than moving the frustration around a bit. But what DID HAPPEN was that everyone moved toward keeping a "nearly full tank" as best they could, rather than what was an average half tank or less. That really "upset the 'apple cart' on supply" !!!! Even back then, with many fewer cars on the road, that "extra gas in storage" really contributed to the problem !!!!

I doubt that will become much of an issue now as this should pass in a few days, but then again all of the squirreling away of gas in containers for generators may stretch this out .longer than we would like/think.

This could become an interesting line of thinking !!! Pick a number on how many generators, then on the gasoline squirreled away ??? I doubt more refineries will be built as a result, so this "blip" in supply may last longer than thought.

Then, when those forgotten "plastic containers" start to "catch fire/explode" as the "vapor pressure builds in the summer heat" and the vapors escape .....?????? Maybe what comes next is a "doubling of home owners insurance" to cover the losses !!!!!

I threw in the above paragraph as "food for thought" as there are often "unintended consequences" to most everything !!!!!