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Re: NGZ12 Nat Gas ??/Trades
In Response To: Re: NGZ12 Nat Gas ??/Lee ()

Hi Trades,
Yes, as you state:
It's been reported that families are in houses with no electricity or water or food or much help.

And it gets worse. All of the above applies and further, they have no house as it was washed away !!!

None of my earlier comments reflected on Canadian contributions. My issue is with US Bureaucrats and Politicians. If the Canadian West coast power crews/equipment had to drive 3000 mi across the continent without support of a US Military air lift, I think that is borderline criminal !!!!

Then if we dig a little deeper, I hear Chuck Schumer (Senator from NY) bragging as I see it) that he called his early "house mate" Leon Panetta (now Secy. of Defense) from their early years in the Congress AND Panetta cut loose Truck loads of Defense Dept. gasoline and sent it off to NYC.
My guess is, Christie caught wind of the deal and snagged an equivalent chunk for NJ else NJ wouldn't have seen a drop !!!!

Is this the way the Country should be run !!!???? Old time "buddies" cutting deals/favors to solve a problem ????? But that is "Washington" !!!! Schumer clearly owes Panetta something at a future date !!!!! Shouldn't all of this be in place before hand !!???

[Ah Ha, I guess I'm out of trouble with M. Ritchie on this post as I just described a Futures contract.]

Remember FEMA, Katrina, and all of those trailers "rotting in a field" !!!!! That's Washington. I guess that is why Obama was going to "drop by" FEMA Headquarters the other day??? I Wonder what happened ????

Anyway, enough for now .....
As Mike Bloomberg's third unpaid term approaches a close, I think we should make sure Rudy Gulianni is re-elected mayor of NYC, and then we "install" Mike Bloomberg as "Czar of Washington D.C." and clean house of all of the trash lobbyists and politicians !!!!!

Anyway, enough drifting off for now. Most Politicians Stink !!!!!And the Lobbyists are worse, just in there collecting chits for deals like Schumer now owes Panetta and for a nice FAT FEE !!!!!