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Re: Finally got that basturd!!!
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Redbird futures are in a severe bear market. I'm having a severe problem, this year with deer. Of course, the raccoon problem remains ... although significantly abated by killing several hundred (no exaggeration) over the past few years. Raccoons can be, pursuant to existing state code, construed as "varmint", which means no season ... just kill 'em. However, deer are another deal altogether. Just last night, on my Fuji Apple tree ... which has the height of a dwarf (tree height), there were over fifty-two apples ... this morning, only one left. Pear and plum trees have been decimated as well, but their height protects much of the fruit, them not being dwarves ... but deer love the bark.

I get visits when I discharge a firearm, but it's not illegal to kill raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, or bang steel targets. However, if one of my two Left Wing-Nut Regressive neighbors (they believe that no one should own ANY firearms) do their normal little thing ... a poeleese thing is pulling into my drive within a very short period of time. Once, it was less than two minutes after I made something go bang.

Around three months ago, I picked up one of those Mossberg Shockwave, NON NFA firearms ... when the price dropped down to three hundy ($299.99), I had to pick one up for giggles and grins ... As, I'd pay a dollar to watch a monkey fornicate (old expression for foolishly wasting money). I keep one loaded (five plus one) with 00 Buck. I actually grabbed it last night, when I walked into my fenced backyard and saw a, for this area, very large doe. Thoughts of the "Mean Widdo Kid" popped into mind (If I dued it a git whippin' ...), but discretion took control and ... FIFTY-ONE Fujis ... my favorite apple went into the belly of this vile beast .... I realize that they apples were not ripe or even fully filled out (growth wise) ... but how can a forkin' deer eat fifty-one apples at one time?

Now ... Trade Related .... There's a "monstrous" set-up developing and with my highly honed cycle analysis ..... There's going to be a big move, somewhere ... SOMETIME! And, you can take that to the bank.