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how worthless is the dollar becoming...

Went grocery shopping the other day. A short run, I call it. A trip where we don't buy anything particularly unnecessary. Usually, if I'm going down an isle and see something we normally get that happens to be cheap that day, I'll buy it for SHTF storage. No such luck yesterday. Not only was nothing on sale, everything was more expensive. We usually go to the WalMart when we want to buy large quantities and a good bit of the stuff we buy is Wally Worlds Great Value brand.

GV bread used to be .88 per loaf...now it's 1.32. Can of soup, sometimes as low as 50 cents a can is 86 cents. Cheap hot dogs and bologna, you used to could get for 88 cents a pound...1.23. And so it went until checkout time where I was figuring by the weight of the basket I was in the 150 dollar range for the basket...$270 bucks. We did have a few things that drove the price up that we don't have to buy every time... paper towels 25 bucks, toilet paper(can't remember the price for that but thought I was going to have to use some on the spot as I near chit my pants). I calculated 50 bucks over for those two items which would have put me in the 210ish range for a basket that would have been 150 dollars a month or so ago.

That's what they mean when they say the dollar is worthless...it has become worth less. It buys less. It sucks more.

Come August, for the whole month, the state is going to not charge our 10 percent tax on food. How gracious of them. We're going to stop stealing from you for a month on food so you can afford to buy bread. I guess come august I'll be a buying food cause 10 percent off is 10 percent off and must be taken advantage of.

I don't know how the lower economic classes are eating.

Oh, and by the way, You eaten anything out lately? 16 bucks for two Quarter pounders with cheese and two medium fries! Used to get two, three piece fish meals from Captain D's for 13 dollars...now 22. This used to be crap food you'd buy just because you didn't feel like cooking, now it cost like a fancy Dan dinner used to. And so it goes.

Your dollar is worthless and becoming more and more worthless by the day.

That's not even calculating in the butt poinking that's going to happen when they change money over to digital crap so they can track your every move and don't feel unwarned when one day you hear in response to that order you just put in at the overpriced crap quicky food store like Macky D's...we're sorry, according to your last weigh in at your doctors you weigh too much for that selection...may we suggest a course of baked grasshopper with a side of air fried grub worms and lab grown chit pie for desert at three times the price...plus tax...plus a fee to pay the person who is assigned your control...and extra for the extra weight.

That will be 150 dollar equivalents deducted from you government provided digital currency.

Don't say I didn't warn you.