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Re: Trump's In On It ... Nothing's Changed

Actually, that 30% penalty .. going to the insurance companies ... that's the only way that it could be done ... if you're going to stick with this mess, anyway.

What that is all about is ... now ... there's a fine (under existing legislation it's soon to reach a thousand dollars) ... call it a tax penalty for not enrolling in an "approved plan". That's the mandate.

Under the new obamacareII ....There is not tax penalty for not enrolling.

Under the existing legislation .. if you qualify for a subsidy ... you can enroll at any time. If you do NOT qualify for a subsidy .. you have to wait for the annual enrollment period.

And, here's where it gets really stupid ... Undert

when someone does not carry their insurance .. they can enroll at any time. However, if they did not enroll .. during the requisite period .. and then they get sick .. or in an accident .. and want someone else to pay their bills ... they enroll and pay that penalty for the number of months, for that period, that they did not have coverage.

It's a cluster fork. Judas ... I don't have insurance on my house .. fire breaks out .. The months, for that year, that I did not have, or pay for coverage, I have to pay the insurer 30% of what I would have paid premiums. So, my coverage should have commenced in January .. the house catches on fire in June .. I pay the full premium for June and 30% of what would have been my premium for those six months.

Whoeeeeee .. Boy Howdy ... On a little over a million dollars of property .. I'll save around eight large per year .. this goes on for eight years ... whoops .. I have a fire. Well, for the six months that I don't have coverage .. I'll have to pay 30%, or 1200 dollars ... then the full premium for the rest of the year. So, instead of Eight large ... it's 5200. Problem solved .... 1.5 million dollars of damage is fully covered. Then, I go back to not paying any premiums.

Judas ... what insurance company could stay in business? Or, take that to automobile insurance ... You're driving record is clean as a whistle ... no at-fault accidents, no moving violations ...Your neighbor has scores of DUIs ... multiple at-fault accidents ... and tons of tickets ... The insurer MUST take your neighbor and charge him the same premium as they charge you. However, NO one carries any coverage, until they have a major accident .. THEN ... they pay the penalty for the months not covered ... and BINGO .. all is well ...

Wanna short some insurance stocks?