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Re: Trump's In On It ... Nothing's Changed

Actually, it is those that do not qualify for a subsidy that have the extraordinarily high deductibles. In this area, if you want ANY KIND of a network ... for you and your spouse . assuming your age at 59 and your wife's at early sixties ... You would be looking at around 980 dollars per month .. that would buy you ... a twelve THOUSAND dollar, INDIVIDUAL deductible .. followed by 60/40 coinsurance .. not the old preferred rate coinsurance of 90/10 .. not the standard 80/20 .. not even the "budget plan" 70/30 .. but 60/40. The MOOP (maximum out of pocket) is thirteen large PER insured ... So, If something were to happen to your wife AND you ... you'd be looking at FIFTY THOUSAND out of pocket FOR THAT YEAR.

When those SAME insurance companies with the SAME networks underwrote .. if you qualified for a preferred (not standard, but preferred) .. your rate for HDHP, with a five thousand FAMILY deductible with 100% coinsurance .. in other words .. the maximum that it could cost your family, in one year, is five large .. with 100% coinsurance ... again .. that means that, as a family unit ...NO more than five thousand per year ... Under the rates, prior to Obamacare ... that plan would have run you a few pennies UNDER five hundred per month.

So, today ... you're paying close to a thousand dollars, per month .. if something were to happen to both you and your wife ... You would have fifty thousand dollar exposure. Of course, you DO get an annual wellness checkup and your wife gets that, plus an annual "female" wellness exam ... at no additional charge.

Don't you just love how government takes care of us?

Enough of my ranting on this subject ... but .. but .. but .. what about the uninsurable? But ... but .. but ... Since the eighties all major medicals have HAD to be guaranteed renewable .. which means that the insurer CANNOT CANCEL you as long as you pay your premiums ... coverage remains in force .. that WAS THE LAW!

Well ... but .. but .. but ... how can I afford my cable television and I-phone?