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Re: Trump's In On It ... Nothing's Changed

I agree...I don't see the insurance companies , or may nobody, being able to cover preexisting conditions. As you say, that's like buying house insurance while your house is burning to the ground or car insurance after the fact of accident damage, theft, or fire. It's stupid.

On top of everything else, I don't even accept the premise that the godvernment has any...ANY...business in the health care business until someone can show me in the constitution where it says they do.

I believe the new thing is, if you lapse in insurance for more than 60 days you have to pay the 30% for a year. Either way...BFD! That's a winner bet all day long. I go forty five years before I need any insurance covered bodily repairs. All of a sudden I need...lets just say...a polyp removal surgery...then I buy me some insurance. Lets say the regular rate is 500 a month. With the 30% tacked on that's an extra 150 bucks for 12 months...that's 1800 dollar bet against 45 years of paying nothing for insurance. I guess that breaks down to 1800 divided by 45 = 40 bucks a year. Deal!

Phucking idiots.

Then they bellyache about 11 or 20 million people will lose their newly minted, under Ocrappercare, insurance(that they can't afford or can't afford the deductible). Well...phuck them! What about all the people who got screwed over in the process of covering the 11-20 million. I mean Phuck them in all caps.

It just burns my arse.