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Re: Covid released in China?
In Response To: Re: Covid released in China? ()

Yea...If I cared, at this point, I don't believe it was anything more than a scam from word go. I know the mask BS was a scam. There's no way a piece of cloth or anything else that doesn't filter out the smell of a fart is going to stop a virus. Yet ppl are still being required at some places, to wear a mask. I have dropped just about everybody that called themselves a doctor who still require mask be worn. Dropped some high powered doctors because of that. Kinda makes me wonder just how worth a chit they are if they A: don't have the round ones enough to buck the lie of mask and refuse to play along or B: actually think they'll do some good...just may not be smart enough to be a good doctor. They certainly don't have what it takes to be my doctor.

They don't even have a genome map of something called Covid. How you going to test for something like that? Turn the cycle rate of the test up so high you can find something you can call Covid in a moon rock?

Maybe one day the truth will come out. Also, maybe one day we'll learn just how deadly the jab turned out to be. I read every day where someone of young age developed some heart condition at age 30 or below and died suddenly. Strange chit like that we never used to hear of very often until after mass exposure to a so called vaccine that was pushed through the protective channels like it was a radioactive piece of dog poop no one wanted to handle long enough to really test it.

Power grabbing scam in my estimation, at this time.

Reserving the right to be wrong, as usual.