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Re: Here's a thought amidst the shutdown...

You may enjoy this story....

I started out as a carpenter in the trades, went to school so I wouldn't have to swing a hammer for the rest of my life. Been running work for years and love what I do every day. Commercial no single family BS. One lucky sum beach... huh, love what I do.

Two months ago Randy, the CO of a framing, drywall sub walks on my site. They run about 145 to 175 employees year in year out. Everything from framers hangers finishers to painters. We get to taking and I couldn't hold it back anymore. I ask... how do you stay sane? What do you mean? Your not the only drywall sub we use, so don't take this personally ok. Back in the day, I'd run circles around anyone on your crews that walk up on my projects. The production I witness or lack of, is shocking!! Been that way for quite a few years, steady down hill. The pervasive mentality today, do just enough to keep my job not only with your guys, your competitors as well. Doesn't matter who we use, crews now days don't perform anymore. I used to get pissed off and have a talk with your foreman's. They don't work for me, but it effect's my schedule. I've known you for 15 yrs. "How do you stay sane?" Wyatt I don't have an answer, strange you should ask, we just had our weekly PM meeting this was the topic. We know what's happening we bring it up 3 maybe 4 times a year. We have to charge contractors more if were going to make a profit. As you know the labor pool is suffering. The works out there, if we let go of our weakest guys, they would simply go to our competitors. Leaving us with less people, with less people on payroll, how are we to continue bidding on the amount of contracts out there?

So when I can't take it anymore. I'm not the yeller screamer stomp your foot type of guy. However not bashful, I tell it like it is, "Your Worthless" don't come back to my job tomorrow. I then get a call or email telling me to calm down! Sad, real Sad. There I feel better :-))