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Re: NG tropical weather#3/Ceejay

Hi Ceejay,

Hope I'm not "boring you with this" but here is the link to a PDF for:
Nexteraenergyresources a large electricity supplier that gives links to most of their facilities with description, output and staffing requirements. I found it informative.


They only operate 2 coal fired plants, with no details, but I did find them by name.

My interest in all of this is "NOT FOR THE SHORT TERM". I think this market has the potential to be a "real money maker" if you "understand it" !!!

If this "shale gas" thing flops a bit for any reason, Ng price will "soar" !!! The "utilities" are building new Ng plants at a "rapid rate" and basically "they are NOT STUPID" !!!

Any new Nuclear is a "long way off", even if approved, looking at 10+ years to build.

Coal is being hit hard by "environmental constraints", so that is clearly a tough call going forward. I don't think anyone is building a coal plant at the moment, I could be wrong, but if so, darned few !!!

Texas just paid to bring a couple of coal plants "out of mothballs" with the "high heat, high demand" but aren't even "on line yet". One may become available in September, and by then, they likely won't need it !!!

From my conversation with the large SE producer, they are still operating their couple of large base
load coal plants due to longer term contracts with the coal supplier and the railroad for delivery, so it is still cheaper (all things considered) than switching to Ng at the moment.

I am a bit surprised that no one has joined in on this discussion with thoughts/input/research or anything else!!!!!

Maybe, many/most on this forum just look to the short term and are only looking for a "hot trade" for tomorrow !!!????

Oh, well, I'm in this for the "long haul", and maybe at some point, I'll give up, stop posting information, and share what is learned via email to those that are interested.

Life goes on, .....