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Re: Corn prices higher/Limitup/

Well I gave up on reported fundamentals long ago. What the news media is fed and reporting is not necessarily the fundamentals at all. Much of it is camoflage fed to the gullible public while smart money takes positions.The Insider often mentions his study of the "real fundamentals" on markets as he has spend decades inside some of these businesses and is or was plugged into them. The study of chart analysis covers tops where most are buying and smart money is selling. Or washouts at lows where everyone throws in the towel while the media talks doom and gloom. EX: March/09 type of thing. That's always a good sign a top or bottom is in or nearby. But the reported fundamentals on markets are always questionable. And they change quickly as well. All you need in a weather market is a change in the weather that will stampede markets in the opposite direction instantly. Even the suggestion of change will cause this much like yelling fire in a movie theatre. I can't count how many times a sure bet on a weather market failed to come through due to some change that ended extreme speculation of an assumed outcome. Nat Gas comes to mind. Or if the weather cools off now grain prices will change in a heartbeat. But to each his own. Lots of ways to make a buck. I just like to have myself covered in any trade without going for broke on any trade regardless of the 'obvious' direction. And unless I can successfully cover myself I leave it alone. It doesn't bother me to miss out on any trade as there is always another one coming up.
So if you can teach a combination of both 'reliable' fundamentals and solid technicals and save traders from their big egos and macho attitudes and keep them from destroying their family financially then good luck with that. The average trader is a sitting duck today worse than ever before and needs all the help they can get!