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Re: Drought Worsens/3 Grain ETF/Limitup/All

Hi Limitup, All Others - no room for handles,
I'm not chasing anyone on anything, but I have been following Corn and the comments !!!

On Corn - Limitup:
Here are the contract prices I have recorded recently - think they are correct/close enough ...

Jun 27... Jun 28... Jun 29...
wed 9pm thur close fri close
n 643.75 n 651.00 n 672.50
u 614.50 u 624.75 u 628.50
z 609.00 z 630.50 z 634.75

The initial interest was in your "squeeze play comment" on the N contract.
It certainly seems to have played out the way you suggested And I guess that contract can still be traded by some until 7/13. I wish I had recorded the OI and trading volume day by day also.

Maybe Cn is zeroing in on the typical OI for settlement ??
Please comment with your views on this ....

Now on the U and Z including the weather .........
What is your view of the Friday USDA report in all of this ????

On the weather comments:
I am not trying to argue this one way or the other. I remember a bit of 2008 !!!

I suspect that if this heat continues, U and Z are not going to remain as "stable" as they have been the last couple of days.

You commented on "pollination and ......" a week or so ago, what is your take on the current situation ??
I read this comment "The best rain or chart on the planet cannot save corn now. If no rain, that trend line will be ignored...."

This appears to be TWO outcomes -- The corn crop (Cz) is already "shot" but then goes on with "if no rain" !!! So what happens if we get rain (as I think CeeJay mentioned as a possibility") and how soon to save the crop ???

Doesn't sound like there is going to be any letup in the heat over next week !!!

Thanks, Lee