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Re: New tax plan does nothing for retirees

From what I read:

most seniors have little saved retirement and rely on Social Security for most of their income. most probably have no tax due or even have to file. how will this tax plan benefit them? we all can see that the .gov inflation statistics are bogus but have been used for decades to keep outlays to those over 65 at depressed levels. more Boomers joining the sinking ship every day.

contrary to typical republican thought, a retiree must consume all of his/her assets before even getting on any assistance program. repubs are fine printing money in huge quantity to go to war with every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world but for some reason resent ensuring the elderly have something to eat and a place to live. Much of these "handouts" go towards local and state consumption taxes so where will those entities get their cash to spend if seniors have nothing to spend? Social Security discriminates in MANY ways against the poor while rewarding the rich and I can prove it to your satisfaction if need be. The housing crisis of 2008 brought new programs for "refinancing" but did nothing to assure seniors could also gain access to equity on as favorable terms. What those programs assured was that there would be no competition for predatory buyers of distressed property to then turn around and rent to the elderly with the addition of their god-given right-to-profit due to lobbying and legislative prowess.

while i was not directly affected, I am outraged with unfair play. Just like I hated bullies in school and did my best to make fools of them.

i could go on for days as I have thought about these things for years. I am torn between wishing for Ross Perot and Bernie Sanders at the same time.