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Re: New tax plan does nothing for retirees

I didn't get in on the cash for clunkers, either. Torked me off. In a previous comment, you mentioned the provisions against predatory buyers. I never really considered myself to be a predatory buyer. Perhaps I was/am. But the real estate market, in these h'yar parts started collapsing in '07. and I picked up more than a few houses between then and '11. Point of fact, in '11, I purchased, through short sale, a lake front (Erie) 2465 sq ft. house, solid masonry, even the interior walls ... for less than 25% of what someone paid, in the late nineties. It wasn't in that bad of shape ... FAR better than most of the foreclosures that I purchased. It's a rental, to this day ... and not nearly as high rent as some of my other stuff. I'd love to rent to some seniors. Except single senior women ... from my limited experience, they always want something well beyond their affordability ... whine, piss and moan .... and never pay their rent on time .. and, usually move out owing quite sum. So, maybe not seniors.

Should have purchased more lower end homes .. and no .. I don't mean dumps .. it's that a 1400 sq. foot colonial, 3 beds and 1.5 bath ... costs well under half of a four bedroom 2.5 bath at 2500 sq. feet ... and the rents are almost 3/4 of the larger and nicer ones. It's just that every home I bought, I wanted to be something that I would be very happy living in ... Ran crown in every room ... lots of stone, instead of ceramic ... But, I had a lot of fun doing it. I really like colonial trim .... Six inch three piece base and three or four piece buildup cornice work. And, talk about stupid ... it might bring in better renters .. but it doesn't increase the rent at all. Well, no one ever accused me of being a good bidnetman.

As far as chasing pot smokers ... the law is the law .... change the damned federal law ... I don't like it when they enforce some and not others ....If I had my way ... NO drug would be illegal. Most "controlled substances" weren't illegal until the thirties. You could walk into a general store and walk out with all of the laudanum that you could carry. I don't believe that we had nearly as high of a percentage of junkies, or drug related crime, when everything was legal. The government should only be involved in checking purity and proof.