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how y'alls food store shelves lookin?

I hate to admit it byt we do our bulk grocery shopping at the Wally World and we buy their off brand products called Great Value. I can get a full loaf of bread, a bag of hotdog buns, and or hamburger buns for 88 cents. The loaf bread stays fresher and softer longer than any brand named bread we occasionally buy at the high end Publix store where a loaf of bread runs close to 2 dollars...some higher than that. I refuse to pay that for a product that is likely made at the same plant.

The canned goods are made at the same plant...there's only so many processing plants in this country. Green beans in the can...same place. Now the GV brand at the WW might have the trimmed ends of the quality cans in them but hey...beans is beans! I refuse to pay four times as much just to have someone pick the stems out.

I could have half the money in the world and I'd still be that way. I am definitely ‚Äčnot what they call...brand loyal. I go for price and price alone...most of the time. I will buy my steak from the higher rent store because I think it's better and the price difference isn't that great. Sometimes, I'll even splurge and buy meat from the stand alone meat shop...butcher chop, I guess it's called.

At any rate, I keep seeing these bare shelves on the TV news and reading about bare shelves...shortages of gasoline...etc.etc.

When we were Wally Worlding yesterday I didn't notice anything that resembled a shortage. Except for the tater chip isle but I don't think they tater chip man had made it in, yet.

how y'alls food store shelves lookin?

Did pay about 75 bucks more for the same months supply than we were paying 8 months ago.