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Re: how y'alls food store shelves lookin?

Rick of wood 2x4x8 two ricks per cord which equals 4x4x8...am I remembering that correctly?

Failed out of college once quarter...old man bought me a nice used chainsaw...it was a badazz saw...sounded like a Harley Davidson when idling on the ground. He set me to cutting wood on the 200 acre bottom farm which included a nearly 1 mile stretch along a ditch bank...Water Moccasins galore!!! Geez! That was nasty. Anyway set me to clearing that ditch bank so the track hoe that was going to clean the ditch could roll down the bank and do it's work. Track hoe could have just pushed the trees down but Dad did want the roots torn out for fear of destroying the ditch bank. So I cut trees. I've been there! LOL

Got back in school and was nearly straight A boy...learned my lesson. Boy didn't want to be hard laborer all his life.

I've been wondering but scared to ask for fear of the answer you might give but how hard did that stupid covid rule about not being able to evict non paying renters effect you?

Man! Those taxation rates are...should be illegal. TX wrote a state law prohibiting little fiefdoms from jacking property taxes through the roof. Sounds as if y'all need some such law...or a rope...or in honor of Doct...a tall stump, which, by the sound of it you ought to know where plenty of those are...some nails and some cojones to nail to the stump! We'll have to ask doct what in the world the remedy for the cojoneyless of the species is. Nail boobs to the stump and push em over??? Can't see how that'd work, exactly. Maybe doct can enlighten us. 🤣

The aforementioned bottom farm was a duck hunting meca! 25 miles from the Mississippi River...and the flyway. There were ducks by the kabazillion. Only went hunting down there a time or two...managed to bring home some mallards(green heads)...beautiful bird with taste to match. I have to say that duck is some of the best tasting meat I've ever stuffed down my gullet.

Seemed to be...there were pretty good supplies of most everything else not related to bullets and reloading. There was ammo and weapons...if you wanted to pay the price. There were bountiful supplies of weapons at reasonable prices...but...without the ammo...paying 700-900 for an AR is akin to paying that much for a fancy looking club.

Gave my Remington 700 BDL 7mm Rem mag to a neph who wants to build a 1000 yard gun. We went to a gun show last weekend to look around...see what we could find. The one or two vendors who had primers...150 to 180 dollars per thousand primers!!!! I remember paying 10 bucks per thou. Penny a piece...now, when you can find them...15 to 18 cents per primer. The primers that were there were bought from peeps like us who had laid in massive supplies from the old days and some vendor bought their supply when the relatives sold out after the original owner died.

Neph bought a pretty decent "lookin tube"...a Vortex Venom 5x25...pretty decent scope. Couldn't get him to spring for a real scope but this ought to get the job done for no more than he'll be shooting ranges like that. For what more than likely turn out to be a 500 yarder...it'll have to do. I had stored back 60 rounds for that rifle but never did acquire reloading goodies for it. Let the search begin. Can't imagine what large rifle primers will cost like...if they can be found.

Peeps going to have to make a decision soon as to whether we use them for intended purposes or if we're just going to turn em in.