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Re: how y'alls food store shelves lookin?

Three ricks to a cord. A cord is eight feet by four feet, four feet in height.

I was very fortunate with the covid rule. Most of my properties range between 2100 square feet to around 3300. Yes, I've gone through my share (at least I hope it's my share ... and NO more) of deadbeats, but most of my tenants have been with me since 2011 or before.

As far as the property tax rates ( in this area) all go to ballot. It's the dayummed idjits that vote for rates between 3.3 and 5% that have caused the problem. "But ... but ... but .......It's for the children ....". Can't blame the corrupt political machine. Or, can we? The last major levy, in a suburb that I own five properties, was the first time that I had seen one not passed. But ..... a recall was called .... and, out of the blue another 1100 ballots were found, that ovewhelmingly approved the levy. Interesting how that works. They actually "found ballots". And, being a tad familiar with Nohio's (special emphasis on the "No"), with it being a felony to violate follow the chain of custody.... there should have been some charges. Rather amusing that not one single individual was even charged, much less convicted. It is what it is.

The BDL is NO 700. I have a few Remington 700s. One in .300 RUM, stainless steel bull barrel. It was a thousand yarder out of the box. Judas, I have a cheap-azz Thompson Compass, in .300 Win Mag and ... as far as I've taken it ... she holds an inch at 400 yards. After rebate (not inclusive of sales tax) that sucker was only two hunnert dollars. Cheap hunnert dollar optics and that dog'll hunt. Interesting that you had a 700 BDL in 7mm WinMag. I also have a BDL in 7mm RemMag. Haven't shot it in years. I do believe that I have close to, if not slightly over 100 rounds for it ....jammed in some container.

I used to be an optic snob. But, what I see today in the 150 to 200 dollar range (when on the "super sale 50% off" timeframe) beats stuff that used to cost thousands.

Most recent score, I picked up an Arietta 578, upgraded wood (two steps up) and fully hand engraved for a tad over five large. This sucker would readily pass as new out ot the box ... but it didn't have the maker's case. New price for this, with the upgrades ... runs well over Sixteen Thousand U.S. Greenback Dollars .... Five Large was a steal. I have more than a few "high end" fowling pieces but this one's about as pretty as it gets. Not a bad shooter. Although choked IC/M, I ran a few rounds of skeet with it. First round was 23, second round 21, third round 25 .... stopped at number three.

And, when addressing reloading supplies .... talk about powder and high antinimony lead .... 50 pounds for around $170.00.. TRIPLE the price of just a few years ago. Almost quadruple of a little over a decade ago.

It is what it is.