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Re: how y'alls food store shelves lookin?

I call the blowing through pants sizes...."the next pants size up diet". Something I've battled all my life having been born with, what in my mind is no doubt a real thing, a fat gene. I'm convinced I got it from my mother's' side. She was always "on a diet". My Maternal cousins are overweight. One of them and I look like identical twins when it comes to body styles. One of my neph's is that way...he's a BIG boy. Bigger than I ever let myself get and I've carried some major weight at certain periods.

My wife is one of those people who can eat a half a cow at every meal and never gain an ounce. I so much as look at the pile of food on her plate and I'll pick up five pounds. I eat so little food it would make a grown man cry...just to try to keep the weight down to a manageable roar. I eat my meals off a saucer she uses a serving tray. There's skinny people out there who hate overweight people...well, let me tell ya something skinny boy...I hate your ass, too.

I was lucky enough to be given an appropriate plus amount of muscle to be able to move the weight around like a skinny boy so my past is littered with many a skinny boy who made the mistake of equating fatness with weakness.

One of my nicknames in high school was G-O-gorilla. Go-gorilla...cause I had the gorilla frame but I could move like a skinny boy.

Me and G-d are going to have a discussion about the fat gene when I see him! Whereupon, I'm sure he is going to tell me...the fat gene is my insurance policy against famine. 🤣

But yea...I know about the multiple size clothes in the closet. If you have the same problem I have...keep the XL's just in case you float back up in weight, somehow. And, remember, you can always wear too big a pair of britches but you can't wear a too small pair.

ICD...do you have Word on your computer?