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Re: how y'alls food store shelves lookin?

Good on wood. Around ten years ago, I cleared many trees off of some of my rentals. I mean, lots of 100 plus year old oaks, some in the fifty age bracket.

When I measured the pile, back then, it was 26 cords. Still have well over eight cords left.

Noticed that my nasty gas contract expires in November. Didn't try to find a better deal earlier, as there's a fairly substantial penalty. Best I can do now is around 6.5 ... last year I was 2.11. Just have to pay the piper.

Property taxes, a new triennial, just popped me. My worst case scenario is a rental that I own on Lake Erie. Seven years ago, it was around three large. Today, it's pushin NINE FORKIN' LARGE. Many others that are in excess of six thousand, that were at, or less, than three six or seven years ago. Don't even ask my about my personal residence. The first house, that I bought ... brand spankin' new construction cost me less than one freakin' years property tax, on my residence.

Spuds are high but ya gots to eat taters. Meat is high, but .... to this point .... it's not bangin' through the roof. Two freezers filled with stuff from the garden and the tomatoes are still growing.

I've always been somewhat of an ammunition hoarder. The only stuff that I didn't lay aside quantities were 6.5 Creedmore .... could hardly find any in stock, online even, for around a year. And, when a box of twenty, MATCH GRADE, used to run around fifteen dollars, now standard "hunting rounds" are $34,00 a box. I was running low on varmint rounds (.22-250 Remington) and was shocked ..... best I could do was $650.00 for a thousand with fifty shipping. That's seventy cents a round ... but, most are running around a buck 'n a half. Probably, in six months, I'll think I made a score. Hornady 35 grain ... pretty damned good little varmint.

After banging myself up and gaining waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much, over the past three years .... maybe I could stand some food shortage.
Another freezer filled with venison and duck. Point of fact, I'm brining around twenty pounds (four quackers) for smoking tomorrow.