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Re: Body pain...
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Well once again, Its hard to believe because i am not certain you know what a vegetarian is . Someone who chooses not to eat meat fish fowl dairy is not a vegetarian, That is a vegan. A vegetarian will only remove flesh meat (to include fowl and fish because that is all meat) and continue with other animal products such as dairy and eggs, They remove flesh is all. Not any healthier.In the end, Speaking of health, anyone`s body proportion or fitness level will not enter in to the primary reason i responded initially. That is removing inflammation. Inflammation is what causes disease and pain. Someones`s conditioning or "flabbiness" is not relevant.Someone not eating animal products will be in a state of reduction /elimination of inflammation over someone who does not,This is the prevention phase. Eating any kind of flesh product itself does not add muscle or tone. Its almost as though i can hear you suggest someones flabbiness is because they dont eat animal products. Eating flesh will not tone you or add muscle, Thats exercise and conditioning whether you are vegan, carnivore or vegetarian. Protein is amino acids, all 9 essential are available in plants/griains in fact its hard to actually not get enough protein, Protein is abundant. The animals that humans slaughter for consumption, Themselves are not fed a diet of flesh, they eat plants/grain based diets.Animals are not magical reservoirs of nutrition, They got theirs from the earth. As a side note we have to feed 16 times the grains to animals that produce only ONE pound of flesh. After 30 years, I have never met any vegans in poor health, I do know as my example of some vegans who over consume based on the increased availability of commercial plant based offerings.If anything, i do see a generous amount of peers my age almost to certainty on some sort of statin ,high blood pressure pills or diagnosed as prediabetic or full type 2. Friends i have gone to school with talking about Their stent operations or kidney stones and other maladies that seem standard in middle age.All unnecessary all reversible as well. Prevention...Because now they synthetic medication will not cure any of it, It will just control symptoms until the medication itself becomes the toxin...As far s health feats. ..Pushing 60 and Benching twice bodyweight is not an example of flabby and gassed out :)